Healing yourself for good

When most people think about trauma they think about major life events such as extreme abuse, unexpected deaths, accidents and so on. And these are of course hugely traumatic. Trauma though is often much more subtle – the result of all sorts of events that are emotionally charged which we haven’t resolved. We all hold many of these traumas in our bodies, it’s inevitable however good our upbringing, and sometimes they can deeply affect our present lives, causing us emotional and/or physical pain, holding us in unhealthy patterns, and so on. Often people go to talking therapies to help them release these traumas and this can be very effective and insightful, but it usually takes a fair bit of time and, of course, substantial investment. I spent a number of years in talking therapy myself as I explain on the More Info page.

The Journey is a more direct method of releasing trauma and facilitating healing. The process guides you to the deeply held and hidden traumas and blocks that are holding you back – sometimes even resulting in physical disease – and clears them for good. The two to three hour process engages your natural healing capacity and frees you from emotional, physical and psychological issues usually in just one to three sessions, enabling you to heal. I personally healed more in my first Journey in 2001 than I did in three and a half years of psychotherapy. I often hear a similar story from my clients. Please note though that if it’s your preference it’s completely fine to do Journeys while also involved in longer term talking therapy, they can complement each other very well.

I have been working for 18 years now as a Journey Practitioner, helping hundreds of women, men and young people to heal from, for example:

  • the effects of abuse, including sexual, verbal, physical/violent, psychological and religious, neglect and bullying
  • grief of all sorts – learning to grieve healthily is vital to our health
  • addictions, smoking, eating, alcohol and other repetitive and unhealthy patterns of behaviour and beliefs
  • anxiety, stress, depression, a sense of missing out on the juice of life
  • entrenched patterns of anger, fear, shame, etc and self image problems
  • physical dis-eases, including cellular diseases
  • relationship problems: romantic, friendships, work, etc
  • a great variety of other issues and traumas – the Journey process releases held core traumas and enables healing

For more information see About The Journey and to set up a free 15 minute – no obligation – phone consultation to discuss your specific issue/s, email me at ndelstrother@gmail.com 

Supportive, intuitive, healing
My Journey style is sensitive, grounded, supportive, intuitive, thorough and focused on helping you get to the deepest roots of your issues and clearing them for good. All you need to do is to let go to the process as fully as you can and then extraordinary healing can, and very often does, happen.

Anything and everything is welcome – any issues, words, feelings, beliefs etc. I do not judge at all. In fact, I very much encourage you to feel and express yourself as deeply and authentically as you are able however unpalatable and challenging you may believe your issue to be. Over the years I’ve worked with a huge number of women, men and young people and one consistent theme – among myriad issues – has been this coming home into true inner authenticity, which includes of course bringing our shadow into the light. Everything is, of course, totally confidential.

I work in Sussex, Kent and London – including Hastings, Lewes, Brighton, Forest Row and Ardingly – and nationally and internationally via Skype, which works very well incidentally (especially during these Covid times). I often work in people’s homes as this helps create a relaxed atmosphere and it’s easy to ensure timings work perfectly. I can also make hospital, school and company visits.

For more information email ndelstrother@gmail.com and visit my Journey page on Facebook  

To ensure I continue to deepen in my work with clients I regularly do Journey swaps with other Practitioners and assist at workshops. I experienced my first Journey in 2001 and quickly went on to train directly with Brandon Bays.

Note I am also starting to run grief circles for small groups where grieving, of whatever type, can be felt and shared in a supportive environment and moved through in a healthy way.


Neil del Strother, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Dip Psychology, MA Journalism

PS. I work also as an author and podcast host – www.neildelstrother.co.uk


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