We all hold traumas in our bodies from childhood and subsequent events. Whether obvious or subtle these traumas can profoundly affect our present lives, causing emotional and/or physical pain (even disease), as well as holding us in unhealthy patterns. 

The Journey process guides you to these often hidden traumas and clears them for good, freeing you from emotional, physical and psychological issues usually in three or fewer sessions. It’s quick and direct and allows your body to regain its natural healing capacity and life force, enabling you to live more healthily, vibrantly and in flow with who you truly are.

I healed more in my first Journey in 2001 than I did in three and a half years of psychotherapy. I often hear a similar story from my clients. Please note it’s completely fine to do Journeys while also involved in talking therapies, they can complement each other very well.

I work in Sussex, Kent and London. And nationally and internationally via Zoom, which works very effectively. I often work in people’s homes as it helps create a relaxed atmosphere and ensures timings work perfectly.

I was accredited as a Journey Practitioner in 2002. I experienced my first Journey in 2001 and quickly went on to train directly with Brandon Bays. To deepen in my work I regularly do swaps with other Practitioners and assist at workshops. I have a DipPsych and MA in Journalism. I am also an author and podcast host, see www.neildelstrother.co.uk

Email me to set up a free 15 minute no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss how the process can help you ndelstrother@gmail.com

I have been working for 19 years now as a Journey Practitioner, helping hundreds of women, men and young people to heal from for example:

  • the effects of abuse, including sexual, verbal, physical/violent, psychological and religious, neglect and bullying
  • grief of all sorts – learning to grieve healthily is vital to our health
  • addictions, smoking, eating, alcohol, etc
  • anxiety, stress, depression, missing out on the juice of life
  • entrenched patterns of anger, fear, shame, etc 
  • physical dis-eases, including cellular diseases
  • relationship problems: romantic, friendships, work, etc
  • and a great variety of other issues and traumas…

For more information email ndelstrother@gmail.com 


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