Helping you to free yourself from your emotional traumas and blocks

The Journey process has an unerring way of guiding you to traumas and blocks that have been holding you back and inhibiting you in your life (sometimes even resulting in physical dis-ease) and clearing them for good. Often these traumas and blocks are rooted in childhood, in unhealthy patterns, avoidances, beliefs and behaviours you unconsciously took on when young.

The Journey process engages and enhances your inherent natural healing capacity and enables you to free yourself from a very wide range of emotional, physical, psychological issues, very often – in fact usually – in just 1-3 sessions. It is amazingly powerful. Really. I personally cleared and healed more in my first Journey back in 2001 than I did in three full years of traditional counselling/ psychotherapy. I frequently hear a similar story from my clients.

I have been working for seventeen years as a senior Journey Practitioner helping women, men, younger people and children (from seven years upwards) to heal from all sorts of issues. I often work, for example, with people suffering from the debilitating effects of:

  • abuse, including sexual, verbal, physical/violent, psychological and religious, neglect and bullying
  • addictions, smoking, alcohol issues, and depression
  • grief, perhaps due to a relationship split or a death (long past or recent)
  • weight issues and self image problems
  • relationship problems: romantic, friendships, work, etc
  • stress, or just a sense of missing out on the juice of life
  • entrenched patterns of anger, fear, shame, etc
  • repetitive unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • physical dis-eases, including pain, ME and cellular diseases
  • a great variety of other issues and traumas

Letting go of what you’ve been holding onto opens you to experience much more love, wellbeing and the full colour of your life.

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Supportive, intuitive, healing
My Journey style is sensitive, grounded, supportive, intuitive, very thorough and very focused on helping you get to the deepest roots of your issues and clearing them for good. All you need to do is to let go to The Journey process as fully as you can and then extraordinary healing can, and often does, happen.

Please note that anything and everything is welcome – any issues, words, feelings, beliefs etc. I do not judge and, in fact, I very much encourage you to feel and express yourself as deeply and authentically as you are able however unpalatable and challenging you may believe your issue to be. Over the years I’ve worked with a huge number of women, men and young people and one consistent theme – among myriad issues – has been this coming home into true inner authenticity. Everything is, of course, totally confidential.

I work in Sussex, London and Kent – this includes Lewes, Brighton, Hastings, Forest Row, Ardingly, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells in Sussex and Kent, and Queensway in London. I very often work in people’s homes too as I find this helps create a relaxed atmosphere and it’s easy to ensure timings that work perfectly for you. I can also make hospital, school and company visits.

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To ensure I continue to deepen in my own development and in my work with clients I regularly do Journey swaps with other Practitioners and assist at workshops. I experienced my first Journey in 2001 and quickly went on to train directly with Brandon Bays.


Neil del Strother, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Dip Psychology, MA Journalism

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